Best Guitar Capos

Best Guitar Capospurchasing a capo Capo is short for capotasto, the Italian word for “head of fretboard.” A capo is a device used to clamp down the strings on your guitar’s neck. If you’re at all familiar with barre chords, which is where you clamp your index finger over a whole row of frets, then you will... Read More »

Guitar Gadget Recommendations

Guitar Gadget RecommendationsInteresting Accessories for Your Guitar Specialty Capos Note: if you don’t have one already, learn more about capos from our post on the topic. There are a number of specialty capos that you can use to get a new experience with your fret board. Kyser Drop-D Capo The Drop D capo from Kyser is a quick... Read More »

Best strings for Takamine guitars

Best strings for Takamine guitarsWhat Strings Should You Buy for Your Takamine Guitar? I could tell you that I love D’Addario’s Silk and Steel (EJ40) and that you should buy these for their awesome mellow tone, but it really depends what you are looking for or would like to try next. There are a number of variations on guitar strings,... Read More »

Takamine EG340SC Review

Takamine EG340SC ReviewMSRP: $699 Actual retail price: $499 Smooth sounds, excellent build The Takamine EG340SC is one of the fine guitars designed as part of the Takamine G-series, which are meant to be affordable guitars that don’t sacrifice on quality or sound. That is definitely true when it comes to this acoustic-electric. The top is solid spruce,... Read More »

Takamine EG540C Review

Takamine EG540C ReviewMSRP: US$879 Estimated retail price: $699 Perfect for vocal accompaniment The Takamine EG540C provides an excellent tone thanks to figured and flamed maple top, back, and sides. The fingerboard is composed of rosewood, and it includes dot inlays for easy navigation. The tuners are chrome, and the guitar includes a gorgeous abalone rosette. A pick... Read More »

Takamine EG535SC Review

Takamine EG535SC ReviewMSRP: $999 Estimated retail price: $699 Designed for great sound The Takamine EG535SC is an acoustic-electric, twelve-string guitar. A with a jumbo-sized body, this is the largest of Takamine’s twelve-string  collection, and as such, it packs plenty of low end. A solid spruce top provides excellent overall resonance, and the flame maple back and sides... Read More »

Takamine EF341SC Review

Takamine EF341SC ReviewMSRP: US$1,799.99 Estimated retail price: $1,250 Sleek looks and professional quality The EF341SC model is one of Takamine’s most popular and best-selling models. Part of the Keystone series, it is often used in professional settings. The Takamine EF341SC has been on stage with the likes of the great John Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, and Brad... Read More »

Takamine EG360SC Review

Takamine EG360SC ReviewMSRP: $859 Actual retail price: $599 Ideal for flatpickers and singer-songwriters The Takamine EG360SC provides an excellent classic look with plenty of modern features. The cutaway dreadnaught style makes it easy to access the higher octaves, and the pick guard comes standard. Dot inlays make it easy to navigate the frets, and an abalone rosette... Read More »

Takamine GS330S Review

Takamine GS330S Review  MSRP: $459.99 Real retail price: $299.00 Beautiful simplicity The Takamine GS330S is an excellent guitar for beginners that want an instrument that is relatively inexpensive but can actually deliver high-quality, mellow tones. It’s also the perfect guitar for a long-time players looking to add an excellent dreadnaught to their collection without breaking the bank.... Read More »

Jasmine S35 Review

Jasmine S35 ReviewMSRP: $169.00 Actual retail price: $75-85 Takamine quality provided by the Jasmine brand The Jasmine brand is the beginner brand made by the infamously popular Takamine guitar company. While it’s designed for a very distinct beginner sound, the Jasmine S35 by Takamine offers more than enough quality for even seasoned players to enjoy this guitar.... Read More »