Takamine G440C NEX Review

Takamine G440C NEX ReviewTakamine G440C NEX MSRP: $359.00 Actual retail price: $250 The Takamine G440C NEX features that excellent NEX body design that allows for the sounds of a jumbo guitar without the bulky size or large distance between frets. Constructed as part of the G-series, the G440C is optimized for sound and value.  The fret board features... Read More »

Takamine G124 Review

Takamine G124 ReviewTakamine G124 Classical Guitar MSRP: $299 Real price: $199 If you’re in the market for an affordable classical guitar that won’t disappoint you, the Takamine G124 is an excellent choice. The top is composed of a thin piece of spruce laid atop laminate to create that bright tone spruce is known for. The sides and... Read More »

Takamine EG569C Review

Takamine EG569C ReviewTakamine EG569C Thinline Ovangkol Acoustic/Electric Cutaway Guitar   MSRP: $880 The price you’ll actually pay: $440 The Takamine EG569C is a thin line guitar, which means that the size of the body is skinnier than the standard acoustic guitar. This makes for easier playing for some, and allows for easier transportation. These are optimally used... Read More »

Takamine EG523SC Review

Takamine EG523SC ReviewTakamine EG523SC Jumbo Acoustic Electric Guitar MSRP: $999 Realistic price: $699 The Takamine EG523SC jumbo acoustic-electric guitar is one of Takamine’s finest acoustic guitars in this price range. This jumbo is the largest guitar body built by Takamine, and this large build gives rich low tones and a ton of volume, and the cutaway makes... Read More »

Takamine EG341SC Review

Takamine EG341SC ReviewTakamine EG341SC Acoustic Electric Guitar MSRP: $699 Real price: $499 The Takamine EG341SC features a dreadnaught cutaway body with a solid spruce top. The cutaway gives easy access to the higher notes, and the solid spruce top provides a bright tone with extra volume. The backs and sides of the EG341SC are made of resonance-enhancing... Read More »

Takamine EG128SC Review

Takamine EG128SC ReviewTakamine EG128SC Acoustic Electric Classical Guitar Takamine G Series MSRP: $650 Don’t pay more than: $450 The Takamine EG128SC acoustic electric classical guitar is designed to serve both beginners and long-time players, and as such, it has been produced with high-quality in mind as well as being priced in a middle-of-the-road range to be affordable... Read More »

Jasmine S34C NEX Review

Jasmine S34C NEX ReviewJasmine (By Takamine) S34C NEX Acoustic Guitar MSRP: $219 Estimated retail price: $120 Jasmine by Takamine brings that Takamine sound to the low-budget guitar market. The Jasmine S34C NEX brings that excellent NEX style body to beginners and the budget conscious at a fraction of the cost of the already well-priced Takamine NEX guitars. Takamine’s... Read More »

Best Guitar Capos

Best Guitar CaposPurchasing Capos Capo is short for capotasto, the Italian word for “head of fretboard.” A capo is a device used to clamp down the strings on your guitar’s neck. If you’re at all familiar with barre chords, which is where you clamp your index finger over a whole row of frets, then you will appreciate... Read More »

Best Guitar Accessories and Capo Reviews

Best Guitar Accessories and Capo ReviewsBest Guitar Accessories and Capo Reviews Specialty Capos Note: if you don’t have one already, learn more about the capo from our post on the topic. There are a number of specialty guitar capos that you can use to get a new experience with your fret board. Kyser Drop-D The Kyser Drop D is a quick and easy... Read More »

Best Guitar Strings for Takamine

Best Guitar Strings for TakamineWhat Strings Should You Buy for Your Guitar?   I could tell you that I love D’Addario’s Silk and Steel (EJ40) and that you should buy these for their awesome mellow tone, but it really depends what you are looking for or would like to try next. There are a number of variations on guitar strings,... Read More »