Takamine G440C NEX Review

Takamine G440C NEX Review

Takamine G440C NEX

MSRP: $359.00

Actual retail price: $250
Takamine G440C NEX Guitar

The Takamine G440C NEX features that excellent NEX body design that allows for the sounds of a jumbo guitar without the bulky size or large distance between frets. Constructed as part of the G-series, the G440C is optimized for sound and value.  The fret board features abalone inlays for easy navigation while learning to play, and the G440C features a beautiful natural finish that includes an abalone  rosette inlay around the sound hole as well. The Takamine G440C NEX is perfect for students, beginners, and long-time players since it provides a low price, excellent quality in sound, and the long-lasting craftsmanship of the Takamine brand. The tuners are a gold, and the guitar features a gloss finish to help protect the guitar’s woods.

The NEX cutaway makes it easy to reach those higher octaves and play those frets that are often off-limits when playing a dreadnaught styled guitar. The top is composed of a gorgeous spruce wood, which provides a bright, clear resonance.  The back and sides are produced of a sturdy mahogany that is both beautiful and brings out warm low and mid-range sounds and  an overall mellow tone. It’s hard not to be impressed considering the low price point on the Takamine G440C NEX.

The lower-range on this Takamine makes it an excellent choice for the rhythm guitar player or burgeoning rhythm guitar player. Excellent for strumming and very active players, the G440C can find itself in almost any practical use, from casual playing to the stage to the recording studio. The rich, full sound (easily comparable to much more expensive guitars) and ability of this guitar to stay in tune are amazing.

The Takamine G440C NEX does not come with any electronics, but it can easily be mic’d or used with a soundhole pickup. Adding inboard electronics would not be a horrible investment, but for the price that would cost, our other reviews would lead you to a great acoustic-electric Takamine.

You may want to purchase the Takamine-specific case to protect your guitar, but considering the low price of the guitar, the $75 price tag on the Takamine GC1128G (the case’s product number) seems a bit steep!

We honestly suggest trying out a Takamine before spending several hundred extra dollars on a guitar with the same quality and sound. The Takamine G440C NEX is a great place to start looking.



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